Amulet Pendant Pran Boon Mask Huntsman + Sterling Silver Case


Powerful Amulet Pendant Pran Boon Mask Huntsman (Hnaa Gaag Pran Bun) Or (Look om khun pran nam chock) + Sterling Silver Case

Using Old Magic Subject To Boost Your Charm Charisma Attraction & Windfall Success Enhancements Bring Money Luck To You!!!

Amulet Pendant Pran Boon Mask (1)Amulet Pendant Pran Boon Mask (1)

Hnaa Gaag Pran Bun

Amulet Pendant Pran Boon Mask

Anti-Black Magic talisman Anti-Black Magic Powder

👹 Strongly blessed by Ajarn Sittichai The Masters of Wat Khao Aor.

Empowerment ceremony at the greatest and most famous Southern school of sorcery Wat Khao Aor in Thailand.


👹 Look om khun pran nam chock (Pran Boon Mask) is specially prepared with blend of Ya Wasana Jinda Manee. The ancient recipe saids ” Jindamanee medicine mixtures of Dok Crad, Dok Jan, Kesorn Budsabun, Proa Hom, Kamyan, Kod sor, Kod Kema, Thong Nam Prasarn, Pluek Kum Cholathan and Krung Kema equally mixed and grind Pimsen, Chamod, Honey, Ruang Run, Krissana, Lemonade, Nam Makuea Kuen squeezed, grind them, mold them and let them dry as Ya Wassana, the best of the best. The one who has eaten will be better than the rest, Luck and wealth money than the world will come. Woman and Man brought to worship, even Cholera and other type of Danger can do no Harm, even Heavily punishment till Death, If anyone eaten Ya Wassana will regain and back to good”.


Moreover Ya Wasana Jinda Manee. The Maha Montr Jinda Manee is known as one of the great and secret wicha and Mantras for attracting riches, improving business, chance of promotion and ascension in the professional and social sectors of life, as well as being able to be applied for protective purposes.

Phan Boon

👹 Background Information Of Pran Boon:

This range of magic amulet is in form of a man’s face of the famous hunter named “Pran Boon” who is related to Thai literature. Pran Boon exists in the Thai literature- Phra Suthon Manorah, said to be the most skillful hunter with magic competence. Once, he could capture a beautiful angel by using a magic rope called Buang Nak Bat given by Naga. Pran Boon character also appears in southern Thai classical dance called Manorah. The performer who plays in the role of Phan Boon usually wears a half mask.

The past magic gurus picked up Pran Boon to make an amulet in form of a mask called “Hnaa Gaag Pran Bun” which may be filled with consecrated facial powder of a Manorah performer to add charm power.

Southern people believe that Pran Boon amulet or Nak Gak Phan can make owner become charming and attractive, lucky, do business well and safe from black magic and evil spirits.


👹 “Phan Boon” is the high-class subject of charm. Very suitable for actor, actress and business owner who needs speaking skill to persuade the audiences. It is a powerful amulet in case of charm, luck, and business. Most of the business owner said that Phan Boon amulet is really working well & helpful for their business.

“Phan Boon” also effective for wealth and luck as people said, “No business or action that will create reward like as Phan Boon had ever got because Phan Boon just caught “Nang Manorah” and offered to the king. Then, the king gave 1 town, servants and a lot of treasure as the reward for Phan Boon”.

People also believe that “Phan Boon” is the amulet that can protect the prayer from negative power or even relieve black magic out of misfortune victim by using Phan Boon Mask place on their faces. Therefore, Thai Southern people praise a respect Phan Boon to be an important magic teacher since the past until now.


Hnaa Gaag Pran Bun Phan Boon Phan Boon Phan Boon

👹 Look om khun pran nam chock is formulated to be used in magical workings for the fulfillment of goals. to attract to you whatever you desire. Whether it is love, money, prosperity, a new job, achieve victory, completion and success in all your endeavors.


– For several different purposes, namely to attract manifold blessings of good luck, love, health and wealth.

– Improve luck and fortune to the worshippers

– Wealth fetching Bring good fortune especially in trade business

– Improves sales, business and commerce and Improves your career graph dramatically

– Change fate and destiny turn bad luck to good, great for protection, prevent danger and against all negative energy, Reflect away all bad things

– Grant your wishes fast


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